Solidarity paves the way for new union gains at Yale

“We will cross the finish line together.” These words of Rev. Emilio Hernandez, delivered to a standing ovation at a packed union-neighborhood meeting, are reverberating throughout the city. For the entire article, click on the headline. To visit the Connecticut Center for a New Economy, click here.

The unemployment picture: No light at the end of the tunnel

A month ago, when the unemployment rate declined slightly for the second consecutive month, media headlines trumpeted the end of the recession. This month, both the rate and number of unemployed rose again, more than wiping out the previous gains. Will the same news media proclaim that now we’re in a depression?

Israeli peace movement grows

TEL AVIV – Although a majority of Israelis support Sharon’s “Lebanon War II,” the peace camp is gathering increasing strength.

Sharon, Bush target Palestinian Authority, not terrorism

At the heart of any viable solution to the present conflict in the Middle East lies the issue of full national rights and statehood for the Palestinian people. Peoples and governments worldwide increasingly recognize this fact.

$ 2.5 billion demanded to fight AIDS

WASHINGTON – More than 1,000 protesters chanting “pills cost pennies, greed costs lives” marched to the steps of the Capitol here April 10 to demand that Congress approve $750 million now and $2.5 billion next year for the U.N. Global AIDS Fund.

Comments reflect splits on Mideast war

WASHINGTON – Like arsonists with a can of gasoline, ultra-right forces in the U.S. are pouring fuel on the raging war in the West Bank seeking to destroy any initiative aimed at halting the violence and opening the way for a “two state” solution, Israel and Palestine coexisting side by side.

U.S. groups call for Mideast cease-fire

This week, labor and religious groups representing millions continued their support for a peacful solution and a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian cities as the beginning of the proccess for establishing a Palestinian state. For the entire article, click on the headline. To visit the homepage of Peace Action, click here.

Women vow to fight Bush policies

WASHINGTON – Nearly 500 women, representing women’s organizations across the country, met here April 8-9 and vowed to “stand up and fight” for women’s needs. For the entire article, click on the headline. To visit the National Council of Women's Organizations, click here.

Film review: The films of Joris Ivens

The European documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens was a respected member of the first European avant garde film movement, renowned for his dazzling thematic, geographic and technical range. He produced many films of sheer visual poetry, but mainly put his art and craft at the service of progressive social movements.

Come hear Music on May Day

NEW YORK – On May 1 a concert and rally will be held to celebrate the international workers’ holiday. It will be part of a series of cultural events entitled “Workers All: The May Day Arts Festival.”

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