International Notes

S. Korean civic groups protest base/Millions of Italian workers strike/Japanese group calls for ban on nuclear arms/Hungarian elections offer chance for change/Cubans to help train South African teachers/Russian oil workers strike

Saving the children: the fight for pediatric AIDS funding

When Ariel Glaser died of AIDS at age 8 in 1988 no testing was being done on drugs to treat children with AIDS. None.

We can defeat the ultra-right in Nov.

As thousands pour into Washington on April 20, a huge fight is shaping up to defeat President Bush’s extreme-right wing corporate agenda in November’s elections. At stake is control of the House and Senate and 22 governorships. It is a fight that can and must be won.

Another world is possible, but what is it called?

When Frederick Engels wrote Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, some 130 years ago, he said Marx uncovered two “secrets” that catapulted the years of human yearning for a just, equal and democratic world from wishful thinking into the realm of material existence and science.

Students reflect hope,despair

Le Blanc, along with other members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation, will be meeting with a number of different groups from both Israeli and Palestinian societies. The following is based on a their first exchange with university students.

Thousands march to Jenin

TEL AVIV – Several thousand Israelis, Jews and Arabs marched April 13 from the Meggiddo highway intersection in northern Israel towards the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.

45 Colombian unionists killed this year

Last Wednesday, paramilitaries dragged Alfredo Zapata Herrera, a leader of the SUTIMAC trade union, off a bus while on his way to work. The next day he was found dead nearby. He was the 45th trade unionist assassinated so far this year while a further ten have disappeared.

How exciting it is to be changing the world!

The Women’s Equality Summit and Congressional Action Day, April 8-9, showed the women’s movement stepping up to the plate as part of the growing movement fighting for economic, social and political justice.

Copyrights: Balancing power and Constitutional rights

As we ponder the meaning of Copyright Awareness Week this April 22-28, the nation should be very concerned about the financial squeeze the publishing industry is inflicting upon freelance writers in this country today. Originally, U.S. copyright law was enacted to provide protection for writers’ rights so that we could control our ideas and benefit from our work as individual creators.

United, weve got what it takes to win

“As long as we keep taking what they are dishing out,” United Steelworkers of America President Leo Gerard told a meeting on national health care, “they’ll keep dishing it out !” The men and women in Washington’s streets April 20 are saying we won’t take the military solutions, Enron/LTV robberies, global exploitation, destruction of the Bill of Rights, civil rights and women’s rights.

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