VENEZUELA Chavez would win recall

CARACAS – Opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez would be unable to recall him if a referendum is convened by the National Electoral Council, a new poll has revealed.

No weapons in space, peace leaders say

PORTLAND, Maine – The human race and the earth itself remain in “intensive care,” Nobel Prize winner Helen Caldicott told The Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space 12th annual conference here April 23-25.

Message from an Iraqi mother

Last week, a bomb fell 12 feet from Huda Al-Jazairy’s house in Baghdad. Fortunately, she said, it fell on open ground and no one was hurt. The blast broke windows in surrounding houses. Al-Jazairy was out of her house at the time, and neighbors told her not to go back.

Womens march shakes Washington

WASHINGTON – “I know firsthand the anti-choice extremists now in control of the Capitol and of the White House are opposed to basic contraception,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told the more than 1 million participants at the April 25 March for Women’s Lives. click here for Spanish text

A turning point election

The labor, African American, Latino, women’s, environmental, peace and other people’s movements are engaged in a massive campaign to turn our country around in this election year.

Bhopal women win green award

Two Indian women have won a prestigious environmental prize for their battle on behalf of the survivors of the “world’s worst industrial disaster” – the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster.

S. Korean voters deal rebuff to rightists

In what many consider to be a backlash against the recent “coup d’etat” sponsored by the far-right-wing Grand National Party, in which President Roh Moo Hyun was impeached for minor electioneering violations, South Korean voters handed a stunning victory to Roh’s Uri Party...

Philadelphians rally for peace and jobs

PHILADELPHIA – Over 300 people packed the hospital and health care workers District 1199C union hall here on April 17 to hear public officials, trade unionists, peace activists and others blast the Bush war policies and call for electing a new president in 2004.

Message to Mom: Time to buy a new ironing board

With great ceremony, my mother threw her iron away one afternoon in June 1972. After 20 years of night classes and four children, she had proudly graduated from college that morning.

Sharon-Bush plan inflames Mideast conflict

President Bush’s endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s “disengagement” plan, coupled with the Sharon government’s assassination of two leaders of the Hamas movement in Gaza, has inflamed tensions in the Middle East and jeopardized prospects for a just settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, peace activists say.

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