Health care: HR 676: Everybody in, nobody out!

WASHINGTON – “Health care in the U.S. is racist, sexist and discriminates against the poor.”

No recovery for state budgets

A big untold story in the emerging economic “recovery” is the precarious position of many state budgets.

N.Y.C. Students defend open admissions

NEW YORK – The City College of New York (CCNY) celebrated the 35th anniversary of the open admissions policy in the City University of New York (CUNY) here April 22. CCNY is part of the CUNY system.

Republican PAC fined for illegal money scam

AUSTIN, Texas – The Federal Election Committee has fined the Republican National Congressional Committee $280,000 for illegally channeling corporate funds to finance “attack ads” against Democratic congressional candidates during the 2000 elections.

National Clips

PITTSBURGH: Peace, education keys to election / MONTGOMERY, Ala.: Death penalty moratorium on agenda / BRUNSWICK, Ga.: Free speech under attack / DES MOINES, Iowa: Bush nixes student reporters

Its about control

Con·trol – power or authority to guide or manage. When it comes down to it, so many issues in life orbit around this single word and subsequent questions like – who controls what?

Is birth control next?

“The lady came over to the window and said, ‘I’m so sorry I’m not going to be able to fill your prescription.’ I said, ‘Is there something wrong with the prescription?’ And she said, ‘No, I just personally do not believe in birth control.’” click here for Spanish text