Health crisis hits kids

When you have over 40 million people without any health insurance at all – and another 70 million with limited and poor coverage – while suffering is widespread, some categories of people are at greater risk.

Leonard Peltier struggles on for freedom

After 28 years, the courts still won’t correct the wrongs of the past. On April 19 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ denial of Leonard Peltier’s request to be considered for parole, despite the Circuit Court’s recognition that the government indisputably engaged in misconduct in the prosecution of Peltier.

National Clips

HOOVER, Ala.: Residents defend immigrant workers / NAPLES, Fla.: Bush “green” policy puts profits first / SPRINGFIELD, Mass.: Defies ‘Drug Lords, Inc.,’ saves $2 million / WASHINGTON, D.C.: Corporations break the law, get a contract in Iraq

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Gearing up for the elections

LOS ANGELES – “California must defeat Bush by an overwhelming majority,” said Jarvis Tyner, executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, “and we must say to the Terminator (Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger): Bush is now and you’re next!”