Voice your vote

LOS ANGELES – The New Voters Project and Truth Serum Clothing have joined forces to inspire young Americans to “Voice Their Vote.”



Women’s march points the way forward / What is Cheney hiding?



Corporate swine go after women’s overtime pay / Close Bush’s ‘No Law Zone’

All workers lose with Calif. workers comp law

An old friend of mine once said in regard to workers’ compensation reform, “When you hear the word reform, reach for your wallet.”

Americas modern poll tax

Opinion As the race for the White House gears up, one can’t help but think back to when George W. Bush and Al Gore were locked in a desperately close race to become the 43rd president of the United States. The nation became all too familiar with terms like “butterfly ballots” and “pregnant chads.”


A Cintas drivers story

Laundry truck driver Mark Fragola may suffer from respiratory ailments the rest of his life. After two years of driving a delivery truck for Cintas Corp. in Branford, Conn., the 31-year-old father of two sought medical attention for excruciating headaches.


Right-to-work’ attacks card check / High-speed rail system promises jobs / Defending immigrant rights and equality / Bank of America to cut 12,500 jobs / Maryland Senate passes living wage

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