Illinois peace and justice coalition gets to work

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Nearly 150 delegates from about 80 organizations, half of them from outside the Chicago metro area, met here April 1 to found the Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice.

EDITORIAL: April 29: Street heat for peace & democracy

Today two great issues — immigrant rights and ending the U.S. war and occupation in Iraq — are intertwined with every other issue the people of our country face.


Iraqi women fight for their future amidst new kind of war

When I telephoned Huda Al-Jazairy in Baghdad exactly two years ago, a bomb had fallen 12 feet from her house. At that time, she told me, “There is no security.” But as bad as it was in 2004, now it’s “below zero.”

Boilermakers seek solidarity at peace rally

CHICAGO — You meet the nicest people at peace rallies. Two members of International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 484 from Meredosia, Ill., drove four hours to the Windy City to be part of the labor contingent at the March 18 Iraq war protest and to get out their story.

South America turning against School of Americas

The School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga., has trained thousands of Latin American soldiers, many of whom have been implicated in the killings, disappearances and massacres that have afflicted the region for decades. Since 1990, the School of the Americas Watch, founded by the Rev. Roy Bourgeois, has led the struggle to close the school, leading huge marches outside its walls. Now SOA Watch has taken its message to South America.

U.S. drops bid to serve on UN human rights body

UNITED NATIONS — The United States refused to run for a seat on the newly created UN Human Rights Council, the first session of which will take place in Geneva June 19.

Alarm over Bush Iran plans

Despite President Bush’s claim on April 10 that talk of U.S. plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran is “wild speculation,” a number of civilian and military experts are convinced that precisely such an option is on the table.

Group hails plutonium removal, warns of dangers

The Department of Energy said last week it plans to remove all “nuclear bomb useable” quantities of plutonium and highly enriched uranium from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by the end of 2014, establishing a new plutonium megaplex at another location. The lab is at the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area.

May Day/Cinco de Mayo supplement to print edition

May Day/Cinco de Mayo supplement to print edition: Advertise your book, bumper sticker, CD or DVD or send greetings in this special supplement to the print edition, which will be published in the May 6-12 issue.