The economic cost of the Iraq war

President Bush proposes to cut $1.4 million from the program for early detection and screening of breast and cervical cancer, denying services to 4,000 women. The Iraq war costs $1.4 million every 7 minutes, 22 seconds.


Western siege of Palestinians fuels misery, anger

A warning by a senior UN official this week that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is reaching a “potentially dangerous deterioration” was but one of many signs pointing to a deepening crisis. A humanitarian catastrophe is already unfolding among Palestinians in the occupied territories, relief workers say.

Growing risk of war, Iran party says

The U.S. will push for sanctions against Tehran at the upcoming meeting of the UN Security Council and has not ruled out taking military action to compel Iran’s government to discontinue its uranium enrichment program, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on April 13.

Labor boosts peace rally

PHILADELPHIA — “New York peace rally drawing broad labor support” reads the headline of a story on the web site of the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America. According to the article, the CWA executive board voted at its March meeting to endorse the April 29 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy, and the union’s Local 1180 in New York City has been actively supporting the preparations.