Wisconsin voters say U.S. out of Iraq now

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Twenty-four of 32 Wisconsin communities approved referendums April 4 calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, while eight others voted against such measures.


The Freedom Seder: Jewish people and equality for all

The Seder is the traditional feast of the Jewish people, celebrating their liberation from slavery in Egypt. Tradition has it that when the Jews were freed from Egypt, the Red Sea parted and they crossed over out of Egypt. In the desert the Jewish people endured all the hardships of desert life that their Semitic brothers, the Arabs, still endure.

Peace is feminist issue, NOW leader says

NEW YORK — “I don’t expect tens of thousands,” Melody Drnach, National Organization for Women vice president for action told the World, referring to the upcoming April 29 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy demonstration here. “I expect hundreds of thousands.”