Detained anti-Cuba terrorist may walk free

Luis Posada Carriles, citizen of Venezuela and Cuba, arrived in Florida last March. He has been detained since May 17 for immigration law violations. Those are the only charges against him, despite his confessed crimes of murder, downing a Cuban airliner, bombing Havana hotels and an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.


Tsotsi looks at post-apartheid South Africa

“Tsotsi” is a South African movie directed by Gavin Wood. It won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. But a lot of the buzz surrounding the film was regarding how well it was received in South Africa.

Youth, students and working class unity

Young people have always played a prominent role in the movements for peace and justice. Everywhere in the world, youth and students have been in the forefront struggling with other progressive movements for revolutionary demands, social justice and national liberation.


Kentucky defeats attack on prevailing wage; Delta pilots authorize strike; Captive audience breaks out; Waste Management strikes; Company backs off firing; Workers get the crumbs


Nigeria: Ethanol to fuel development Argentina: Success story for workers’ control Worldwide: Unions fight asbestos China: UN report reveals social progress Palestine: Access to water equals survival

Italians rebuff right-wing Berlusconi

The center-left coalition headed by Romano Prodi has apparently won the Italian elections by a slim margin of 20,000 votes out of 40 million votes cast.


Tom DeLay resigns, fate of seat uncertain

HOUSTON — In the face of spiraling corruption charges, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), the former House majority leader, announced April 3 he will resign his seat in Congress in May or June, thereby avoiding an uphill re-election bid. At the same time, DeLay and his allies have apparently blocked a special election to fill his seat until Nov. 7.

Maryland lawmakers block school takeovers

BALTIMORE — Defying Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s veto and Bush administration threats of a cutoff in federal funding, the Maryland General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to block a state takeover of 11 Baltimore public schools under Bush’s No Child Left Behind law.

NATIONALCLIPS: Nationwide 2 million march for immigrant justice

Immigrants and their supporters turned up the pressure on President Bush and Congress with a wave that swept through more than 120 cities, suburbs and towns coast to coast from April 7 to April 10, the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice.


Two more deaths in West Virginia mines

PITTSBURGH — While coal companies are tallying up their first-quarter profits, two more West Virginia families have an empty chair when they sit down for a meal.

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