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Seven months after Katrina: Tales of lunacy and hope from New Orleans

In New Orleans, seven months after Katrina, senior citizens are living in their cars. WWL-TV introduced us to Korean War veteran Paul Morris, 74, and his wife Yvonne, 66. They have been sleeping in their two-door sedan since January. They have been waiting that long for FEMA contractors to unlock the 240-square-foot trailer in their yard and connect the power so they can sleep inside it in front of their devastated home.



Sorry, right number

Dick Cheney stomped into the Oval Office. He looked glum. Well, glummer than usual.

April 10 brings immigrant rights to reps doorsteps

Millions of demonstrators across the country have taken the immigrant rights debate beyond the Washington, D.C., Beltway and right-wing talk shows. They have opened the way towards winning majority support for the issue in the overall struggle against the ultra-right.


Paul Robeson: The tallest tree in our forest

OAKLAND — Fifty years ago, when legendary civil rights and peace leader, athlete and artist Paul Robeson was being hounded by McCarthy-era witch-hunting committees, deprived of his livelihood and his right to travel, few would have guessed that soon after the turn of the century, Robeson’s fame would be carried throughout the nation by a beautiful 37-cent postage stamp bearing his portrait and calling him “an incomparable artist and singer, human rights advocate, scholar and athlete, defender of Black freedom.”


Delphi strike looms; Students sit-in for janitors; Teachers give F to testing obsession; Teachers not bombs; ‘Criminally negligent’; Bus drivers get on board for HR 676


Japan: Strong vote against U.S. bases Iraq: Students’ initiative for peace Venezuela: New program aids women Zambia: S. African Communist honored Israel: Poll reveals rising racism

Israeli elections reflect contradictory currents

Israel’s March 28 national elections saw a setback for parties opposing withdrawal from the occupied territories and evacuation of the settlements, as well as stepped-up criticism of the government’s neoliberal social and economic policies. At the same time, parties with racist and extreme nationalist platforms gained ground.


Peru poised to shift left?

The campaign of Peruvian populist Ollanta Moises Humala Tasso appeared to be poised for victory in the April 9 presidential election as the World went to press.

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