Race, sex, class and the Duke case

As editor of this page, I searched the Internet for insightful commentary on the Duke lacrosse players case. Sad to say, such comments have been all too few. Most seized the opportunity to throw sand in our eyes, to downplay the racism, sexism and class privilege that poison our society.

Imus gone! Say no to racism and sexism

The crude racist/sexist remarks of radio talk show host Don Imus have ignited a firestorm of anti-racist protest from people of all races and nationalities all over the country.

EDITORIAL: Something to consider

Like the rest of America, our hearts go out to the Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, their families and the whole community. During such times of mourning many people look for life lessons so that another tragedy like this might be prevented.

D.C. residents demand representation

Thousands of residents of our nation’s capital marched April 16 for something most Americans take for granted — representation in Congress.

Banks profit drive spurs student loan scandal

Each month, Jennifer Pae, forks over hundreds of dollars in payments on $40,000 in student loans she owes for her education at the University of California, San Diego.

Calls for gun control grow as nation mourns Va. Killings

As the nation mourned the April 16 shooting deaths of 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Tech, calls mounted for action to curb handguns like the weapons used by the gunman.