Full confidence

Bush has “full confidence” in Paul Wolfowitz, head of the World Bank and designer of much of the ideological justification for the Iraq war. Wolfowitz is under a cloud because he put his girlfriend in a top job and set her (excessive) salary, not to mention his nose-thumbing at the world community. This is the latest in a long line of Bush’s “confidence” tricks.

Is immigration the problem?

Roy Beck, head of the anti-immigration group Numbers USA, has been circulating a slick video. Over 1.8 million viewers have seen its frightening picture of the U.S. overwhelmed by immigrants. But beneath the surface is a mix of inaccuracies and misdirection. The facts don’t support Beck.

Port plan a win-win for clean air, jobs

In a move that could ultimately affect all U.S. ports, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach — together the country’s biggest port complex — earlier this month announced proposals to slash air pollution from the trucks that ply their harbors by over 80 percent within five years.

Bush court deals blow to womens rights

“Not since Bush v. Gore has the Supreme Court made such a political decision, or one that so completely distorts and disregards the U.S. Constitution,” National Organization for Women (NOW) President Kim Gandy declared, responding to the high court’s April 18 ruling upholding bans on a vaguely defined type of late-term abortion.

In wake of VT shootings: Experts say mental health care in shambles

Mental health care advocates and medical experts say the April 16 shooting deaths of 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Tech, followed by the suicide of the student who did the killing, raise larger questions about the nation’s broken mental health system.