Chicago Latino film fest opens

Some 37 films, including three from the Windy City and 23 from abroad (including three from Cuba, always popular), are featured at the 23rd annual Chicago Latino Film Festival, April 13-26.

Sports and the fight against injustice

If you think you know about sports, you don’t know nothin’ if you haven’t read this book. The book’s author, David Zirin, is today’s Lester Rodney, the famous Daily Worker sports editor who helped lead the struggle for baseball’s integration.

Foreclosures point to systemic crisis

Economic processes are not seasonal, one-night stands or an act of nature or God. Although all those factors can appear in stories about the economy, and be parts of the equation, economic processes are human-made and are controllable.

Tax battle erupts in Illinois

CHICAGO — A battle has erupted in Illinois over taxing corporations, pitting many labor, health care, and community organizations and small business owners against some of the nation’s largest companie


Uganda: High court upholds women’s rights Greece: Communist parties rally behind Cuba Guatemala: Thousands attend indigenous summit Iraq: Prominent union leader killed Japan: U.S. troop redeployment under fire

Venezuelas Communists hold off on new party

The special 13th Congress of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) wound up its deliberations March 4 with a declaration of support for the policies of President Hugo Chavez. But for now, it will not dissolve itself into Chavez’s proposed new “Unitary Party of Socialism.”

Reports: govt repression in Oaxaca continues

The International Civil Commission for Human Rights (ICCHR), a nongovernmental group, charges in a new report that Oaxacans detained by the federal and state police have been tortured with “electric shock, physical aggression, burns as well as psychological torture.”

Zimbabwe strife fueled by competing interests

Less than a week after a summit of presidents from southern African states reportedly told Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe that his nation’s police had used excessive force in beating and otherwise repressing his opponents, state-sponsored violence continued across the country, according to news reports.


Senate ready to move on EFCA

The landmark Employee Free Choice Act, which would level the playing field for workers up against powerful bosses, is now moving towards a vote in the U.S. Senate.



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