Steelworkers fight for shutdown pensions

CINCINNATI — Steelworkers continued their fight to recover their “shutdown pensions” at a rally here outside the federal courthouse Aug. 11.

Natalie Merchant mobilizes anti-Bush voters

NEW YORK — Singer Natalie Merchant’s second song at her Aug. 5 Town Hall concert here was Florence Reece’s pro-labor song, “Which Side Are You On?” She made it clear why she chose to include the song in her new album, “The Carpenter’s Daughter.”

Film festival helps AIDS groups

NEW YORK — The Second Annual New York AIDS Film Festival will be held here Sept. 17–23 at the Hudson Hotel. The festival will include the screening of 17 films focusing on the challenges and triumphs of people with AIDS around the world.

The revolution starts ... now

Here’s an excerpt from the liner notes of singer, songwriter and activist Steve Earle’s new record due out Aug. 24 on Artemis Records. It’s called “The Revolution Starts ... Now.”

Somewhere over the rainbow: Talking socialism invitation to a discussion

Cibola, El Dorado, the Shining City on the Hill, Camelot? Such are the ideals for which people have been yearning from the days of Sir Thomas More to the American utopian colonies. While these concepts are a reflection of human desires that flow from the inequities of life, they are not rooted in reality.

Surprise! Bushs budget attacks working people

Bush is going after workers when they are hurting most. In a period of high unemployment, growing length of unemployment, cuts in wages and benefits, and increased job insecurity under globalization and outsourcing, working people need to know that there is a safety net that will not allow them to fall into dire poverty.

Bushs flex time/comp time hoax

President George W. Bush’s call for “flex time” and “comp time” is really about giving America’s corporations the flexibility to cheat their workers out of overtime pay after 40 hours a week.

A maturing of the peoples movement

Perhaps this convention season’s most under-reported story is the outpouring of thousands of activists into Boston during the Democratic National Convention for conferences, teach-ins, strategy sessions, get-out-the-vote trainings, religious services and cultural events including a hip hop conference of 5,000.

Whats behind the crisis in Darfur?

The province of Darfur in western Sudan is the newest global hot spot. All of a sudden our corporate media are full of reports by U.S. and UK-based human rights organizations alleging mass murder, rape and ethnic cleansing.

Protests at GOP meet to hit health crisis

The National Council of Churches, along with 100 other organizations, has sent the clarion call to everyone protesting the anti-people policies of the Bush administration and its congressional allies. The familiar health themes will be featured at the protest rallies at the Republican National Convention: People Before Profits, Health Care is a Human Right, No Profits in Health Care, Health Care not Warfare, Stop Privatization in Health Care, Stop Drug Company Greed, Universal Health Care for All, Why is the U.S. the Only Country Without Health Care for All?

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