Over 1,600 vigils oppose Iraq war

PITTSBURGH — Candles flickered against the August sky as thousands gathered in their neighborhoods around this state, Aug. 17, inspired by Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan.

Disengaging from peace

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s much touted Disengagement Plan from Gaza and small portions of the West Bank focuses the world’s attention on the tug-of-war between the Israeli army and the Israeli settler movement. At the same time it obscures the absence of any meaningful peace process in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Bush refuses to set timetable for withdrawal from Crawford

President George W. Bush said today that he understands and respects the views of those who are calling for him to cut short his summer vacation, but warned that an immediate withdrawal from Crawford, Texas, would “send a terrible signal to the enemy.”

Sept. 24 preparations: Planes, trains and automobiles ready to roll to Washington

The phones at the national offices of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), a coalition of 1,300 national and local groups that oppose the Bush administration’s policy of permanent warfare and empire building, are ringing off the hook.