Blues bounty serves food bank

Bernard Allison performs at the 13th Annual Pittsburgh Blues Festival, which was held July 20-22 at Hartwood Acres. The proceeds benefited the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank


Experiencing Afghanistan on foot

Five hundred years ago, a displaced young prince named Babur traveled across what is now Afghanistan, from Herat to Kabul. Five years ago a Scot, with a history traveling across Middle Eastern countries, made the same journey on foot.


Why are so many Americans struggling?

In his book 'The Great Risk Shift,' Jacob Hacker examines a situation most Americans now face in their daily lives — growing economic insecurity.

LETTERS: August 11

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Local health centers key to universal care

As the struggle for increased health care access is approaching a new peak of intensity, advocates for universal health care should understand the role of community health clinics in caring for vulnerable communities.

Young people losing out in strong economy

“This is far and away the strongest global economy I’ve seen in my business lifetime,” Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson declared recently during a visit to the headquarters of Fortune magazine. Really? Strong for whom?

WORLD NOTES: August 11

Vanuatu: Pacific island nations slam ‘free trade’ Israel: U.S. arms corps. are big winners South Africa: Falling HIV rates, or flawed data? Indonesia: Corporate bio-fuel firms grab land Bolivia: Socialist government propels agrarian reform

Right wing suffers election setback in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ultra-right Liberal Democratic Party suffered a devastating loss in the elections to Japan’s House of Councilors July 29, becoming a minority party in the process.

Sudanese rebels, minus a few, unite for talks

WASHINGTON (IPS) — Leaders of Darfur’s fractious rebel groups have settled on a common negotiating position following a four-day round of talks in Tanzania, United Nations and African Union mediators announced Aug. 6.

Kucinich stands up for child citizens

Last week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) became the first 2008 presidential candidate to co-sponsor a bill that protects U.S.-born children from being forcibly separated from their parents who face deportation.

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