World labor groups defend human rights

GENEVA – Trade union organizations worldwide used this year’s Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, to remind the international community that workers’ rights are human rights, but these rights are still denied to millions of workers.

FTAA No way!

In Miami last month, trade ministers from around the Americas gathered for talks on the Free Trade Area of the Americas. FTAA negotiations, which have been going on for several years without substantive input from “civil society,” are weighted entirely towards corporate and private profit interests.

A new Israeli-Palestinian peace drive

News Analysis Pressure is mounting for a negotiated end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, despite continued obstruction by the right-wing Sharon government.

U.S. exporting tools of torture

The Bush administration and big business interests are colluding in the sale of “tools of torture,” according to an Amnesty International report titled “The Pain Merchants” released on Dec. 2.

Venezuela: Referendum provokes new crisis

Once again Venezuela draws all the attention in Latin America’s evolving scene with the development of a new political crisis.

Religious leaders launch voter drive

MILWAUKEE – A progressive Christian organizing institute, the Gamaliel Foundation, held its National Leadership Assembly here Dec. 4-6, kicking off campaigns for voter registration and education, immigrant rights, metro-suburban equity, and drug treatment as an alternative to prison.

Bush policies provoke city budget crisis

CLEVELAND – Over 725 city government employees here, including 430 safety force workers, were given layoff notices Dec. 5 as the city faces a $61 million deficit in its general fund.

Workers rights are human rights

On Human Rights Day, 2003 WASHINGTON – Chanting “Workers’ rights are human rights,” more than 1,000 union workers rallied in front of the U.S. Labor Department Dec. 10.