Cincinnati killing Questions mount on police beating

Ohio’s Hamilton County coroner ruled Dec. 3 that the death of Nathaniel Jones, 41, was a homicide. Jones, a Black man who weighed 350 pounds, was beaten to death by Cincinnati police officers, Nov. 30.

GOP: not even a lump of coal for unemployed

WASHINGTON – The majority Republican 108th Congress went home for the holidays this week having doled out sugar plums for their wealthy contributors but not even a lump of coal for millions of long-term unemployed.

Pediatric drug rule reinstated

The Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003, which requires drug companies to test their products for use in children, has passed the House of Representatives and Senate overwhelmingly and is expected to be signed into law.

National Clips

CINCINNATI: Police beat Black man to death / EUTAW, Ala.: Ban the death penalty / ST. LOUIS: State-run health insurance touted / DENVER: Gerrymandering ruled illegal

White House blasted for war on voting rights

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is waging war on democracy. That was the message from speakers at a Nov. 22-23 conference on voting rights here. To protect ballot rights and other democratic freedoms, many participants said, it is vital to remove Bush from office in the 2004 elections.

Help fuel reportage from the streets

We are entering the final weeks of our Fund Drive, even as we deepen our links with the mounting struggles of working people from coast to coast.

Cities and states face brutal cutbacks

Mass layoffs hit Baltimore schools BALTIMORE – In what could be called a “Thanksgiving massacre,” public school officials here handed out pink slips to 710 Baltimore City Public School (BCPS) employees. At least 1,000 are expected to have lost their jobs by January.

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