Flawed intelligence bill advances Bush agenda

News Analysis The Bush administration has been pushing an agenda of restricting constitutional rights and increasing the power of the executive branch to suppress dissent. Step by step, starting with the USA Patriot Act, Bush has gotten Congress to marginalize judicial oversight of executive branch spying on and repressing people it dislikes.

Bush raid on Social Security stirs growing alarm

PITTSBURGH — Alarms are going off in union halls, churches and senior citizen residences across the country as the Bush administration kicks into gear its campaign to privatize Social Security.

Ohio vote tally still being questioned

CLEVELAND — Upset by the certification of Ohio’s presidential election results by Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, several Ohio groups are demanding a recount of the vote.

Why is govt spying on us?

Peace, religious groups protest infiltration PORTLAND, Ore. — Peace and justice leaders across the nation hailed an American Civil Liberties Union project, announced Dec. 2, to spotlight FBI spying and infiltration of grassroots organizations that oppose the Iraq war and other right-wing policies of George W. Bush. click here for Spanish text

Ohio voters cry fraud, demand recount

The crowd packing an African American church in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 28 cheered as Rev. Jesse Jackson urged the Ohio Supreme Court to set aside George W. Bush’s narrow win in this battleground state. click here for Spanish text