Kucinich urges mass march to end Iraq war

CLEVELAND — Rep. Dennis Kucinich called on the peace movement to bring a million people to Washington to back legislation to end funding the Iraq war, speaking to hundreds of cheering delegates at the U.S. Labor Against the War conference here Dec. 2

Lest we forget Bushs crimes

Just prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration sent out the word, which was echoed by most of the media, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction: nuclear bombs, anthrax and poison gas. They ranted and raved that Iraq was a threat to the United States.

Charges against Peace Grannies dropped

PHILADELPHIA — “It was a magnificent day,” said Peace Granny Marlene Santoyo. On Dec. 1, Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffin dismissed the charges against 11 grandmothers arrested June 28 when they refused to leave a military recruiting station after trying to enlist to serve in Iraq.

Will U.S. get out of Iraq? Debate over Iraq options unfolds

When the bipartisan Iraq Study Group released its recommendations Dec. 6, they were widely seen as an effort to identify the “least bad” options for U.S. ruling circles that would, to the extent possible, salvage their interests in Iraq and the region.