EDITORIAL: A fresh start is needed

The New Year is our time for high hopes and fresh starts. But 2007 begins with America’s conscience dragging behind us over half a million corpses from the Bush invasion and occupation in Iraq.


Vets, military families: Time to say its over

Veterans and military families are planning dramatic actions in the nation’s capital in late January to appeal to ordinary Americans to speak out for an end to the Iraq war.

Lest we forget Bushs crimes

Just prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration sent out the word, which was echoed by most of the media, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction: nuclear bombs, anthrax and poison gas. They ranted and raved that Iraq was a threat to the United States.


Film exposes deadly war profiteering in Iraq

Director and producer Robert Greenwald has brought us an extremely important movie with his latest production, “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.” Greenwald examines war profiteering, being carried out on an almost unimaginable scale, by private American companies in Iraq.

Q&A about Iraq Iraqi Communist Party viewpoint

How do Iraqi Communists view the upsurge of violence in Iraq? What kinds of political struggles is the ICP involved in to achieve national unity and sovereignty?