Two films, two journeys

A few years ago, the entire life’s work of French communist director Robert Guédiguian was screened in a retrospective tribute at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Book Review: The question of torture, then and now

Henri Alleg’s book “The Question” is a searing, firsthand account of the torture that the author experienced during the Battle of Algiers. Although it was first published in 1958, it is a book that should still be read today: “the question” of torture is, unfortunately, still with us.



Supporters rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal

PHILADELPHIA — Freezing temperatures did not keep hundreds of supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal from rallying at City Hall Dec. 9 to demand a new trial and freedom for Abu-Jamal.

Raytheon strikers get a boost

TUCSON, Ariz. — Striking workers at Raytheon here got a morale boost Dec. 8 with a show of community solidarity in honor of International Human Rights Day.


India: Dalits rally for rights Chad: Situation dire for refugees Great Britain: Unions organize immigrants Colombia: Cozy ties between politicians, right-wing paramilitaries


Lisbon meeting assesses victories, dangers

LISBON, Portugal — Joy over a string of election victories in Latin America and the U.S. was mixed with deep concern over the bloodletting in the Middle East when representatives of 64 communist and workers’ parties met here Nov. 10-12.


Community sidetracks condo conversion bill

OAKLAND, Calif. — In a midnight action Dec. 5, Oakland’s City Council responded to a wave of community opposition by referring a controversial measure for more apartment-to-condominium conversions for further study.

Honoring Louisville figure, friends travel to Cuba

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Later this month, 23 Louisvillians will be honoring the late Henry F. Wallace by traveling to Cuba to learn more about that island’s culture, people and the impact of its social revolution.

San Antonio rallies for Ciro Rodriguez

SAN ANTONIO — About 2,000 people filled the gymnasium at Palo Alto Community College Dec. 10 for a rally in support of Ciro Rodriguez in anticipation of the Dec. 12 runoff election pitting him against Republican Henry Bonilla for the 23rd Congressional District seat.

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