Waterboarding: Torture or mere interrogation technique?

Waterboarding. The term has been getting a lot of attention lately as a result of the recent confirmation of President George Bush’s nominee, Michael Mukasey, as attorney general, replacing Alberto Gonzales. What captured the attention of many was Mukasey’s equivocation on the issue of whether waterboarding constitutes torture in his confirmation hearings. He was confirmed by the Senate in spite of this, although with some opposition.

Canadians in furor over torture of Afghans

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A recently released internal Canadian government document confirms that the government has known for some time that Afghanistan’s security forces, which it backs, are mistreating and torturing prisoners. The document has caused a furor across Canada.

There are no nukes! U.S. report debunks war-on-Iran rationale

It looks like President Bush’s apocalyptic push for World War III with Iran has been postponed. With the stunning release of the National Intelligence Estimate this week reporting that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003 (if it ever had one, which is up for debate), the “war option” is “off the table” for now, at least according to numerous government officials.