Finding the Peoples Weekly World in 2008

This is a heads-up for you. Don’t start 2008 without subscribing to the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo. Don’t be caught saying to yourself in January, “Boy, I miss that newspaper I used to read every week over my coffee.”

Breaking the siege of Gaza

CLEVELAND — The Middle East Peace Forum, a culturally diverse group of individuals who are genuinely committed to promote and preserve a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, has issued a statement supporting the campaign by the Palestinian National Committee to end the siege on Gaza and, further, encourage all peace organizations and individuals to adopt this humanitarian stand.


CARTOON: Support the writers


Labor cites the Bush record Fewer pennies for pickers, big bonuses for execs United Airlines workers on the move Labor slams Bush mortgage plan World union leaders gather in U.S.


South Africa: Mine owners’ profits ‘dripping in blood,’ say strikers Japan: Activists rally against war, U.S. bases Iraq: Child prisoners on the rise Argentina: ‘Operation Condor’ on trial Russia: Cheating mars voting

Crisis mounts in Bolivia

Meeting in the southwestern city of Oruro on Dec. 8-9, Bolivia’s Constituent Assembly approved “99.8 percent” of a new constitution by a two-thirds majority. The full text of the constitution, including some hitherto unresolved land reform provisions, will be put before the voters for approval in a referendum sometime next year.

More gift suggestions for the holidays

Libero Della Piana suggests supporting the Writers Guild strikers and buying union-made, cool and funny T-shirts at .

Progressive holiday gift ideas

Get your mind into the holiday spirit of giving with a great mantra for progressives the world over: “What happens to the beast if you don’t feed it?”

12,000 in Bali confront climate crisis

The UN-sponsored Bali conference that wound up Dec. 14 in Indonesia laid the basis for negotiations for an international agreement to follow the Kyoto Protocol, due to expire in 2012. While there are many sharp disagreements, and counties advocate varied strategies to address global climate change, there is increasing world consensus about the necessity of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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