The economic crisis: Understanding causes and solutions

What will be impact of the Wall Street bankruptcies, bailouts and blunders on working people in this country and worldwide? What's the solution to the crisis?

Folk music, civil rights legend Odetta dies at 77

NEW YORK (AP) — Odetta's monumental voice rang out in August 1963 when she sang 'I'm on My Way' at the historic March on Washington, where Martin Luther King gave his 'I Have a Dream' speech.

Miami activist moves people into foreclosed houses

MIAMI (AP) -- Max Rameau delivers his sales pitch like a pro. 'All tile floor!' he says during a recent showing. 'And the living room, wow! It has great blinds.' But in nearly every other respect, he is unlike any real estate agent you've ever met. He is unshaven, drives a beat-up car and wears grungy cut-off sweat pants. He also breaks into the homes he shows. And his clients don't have a dime for a down payment.

Commonwealth study serves health care campaign

Debate on overhauling the U.S. health care system has centered on cost, administrative waste, and profiteering. Such concerns are hardly misplaced, what with 2006 health care costs rising to 16 percent of GDP, or $7,000 per capita.

Drive for jobs gets boost from blue-green alliance

The Blue-Green Alliance (BGA), founded by the United Steelworkers and the Sierra Club, has called on President-elect Barack Obama to enact a “Green New Deal” creating millions of federally-funded green jobs to head off a major economic depression.

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