As economic crisis worsens hunger stalks the land

A report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveals that hunger skyrocketed across America in 2007 after the nation plunged into its current deep recession in the first month of that year. An additional 2 million recipients have been added to Food Stamp rolls between January and August of this year, proof that the hunger crisis has deepened dramatically during the recession.


New policy needed after Mumbai terror

The attacks on Mumbai, India, stunned and outraged the world last week. It’s being called India’s 9/11. That may be an accurate name for the shock and anger that people felt as bleeding bodies, fires and chaos pervaded their largest metropolis.

People Before Profits: Economic stimulus in China and the U.S.

On Nov. 9, China announced a two-year, $586 billion program to address domestic dislocations arising from world capitalism’s unfolding crisis. Lower prices in China make this worth more than $1 trillion in the US. Thousands of factories have closed in China, and hundreds of thousands of workers have lost their jobs because of the sudden collapse of demand from capitalist countries.

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