Cuba racism charge rebuffed

Cuban and U.S. activists are strongly protesting a letter circulated among prominent African Americans alleging systemic racial discrimination in Cuba.


Color in Cuba

Cuba is the only country where blacks and mestizos have the state and government as allies.


Class conflict surfaces at climate summit

Half way into the 15th UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen on December 7-18, 100,000 demonstrators from 500 different organizations were in the streets protesting.


Two Cuban Five prisoners are resentenced

A federal judge in Miami has reduced the jail time of two more of a group of five Cubans who were given draconian sentences in a controversial and highly politicized 2001 trial.


Polish president attempts ban of communist symbols

Anticommunist hysteria in Poland crossed the boundaries of common sense long, long ago. Recently it has crossed the boundaries of absurdity.


Thousands pay homage to Victor Jara

In Chile this weekend, thousands paid tribute to legendary folksinger Victor Jara who was brutally murdered in 1973 by the military coup regime led by dictator Augusto Pinochet.


Severe problems loom after Honduras elections

The door appears to be closed to even a symbolic return to power of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.


Bolivians vote to keep Morales

The stakes were high for President Evo Morales going into presidential and legislative elections on December 6.


Swiss vote signals rise in Islamophobia

The Swiss, known for cheese, the Alps, watches, chocolate and secret bank accounts, at least two of which are full of holes, have now added a sixth important product: intolerance.

The U.S. and the world

The world, it is generally acknowledged, has been torn loose from the old moorings that for decades structured life for billions of people.