African-American history: The Gabriel Prosser slave revolt

The following is an excerpt from American Negro Slave Revolts by Herbert Aptheker, New York: International Publishers, 1974, pages 219-226 (original edition: Columbia University Press, 1943). For the entire article, click on the headline. To read more about the life of Gabriel Prosser, click here.

At the movies:Watch the movie, dump the sponsor

George Pullman built his financial empire not only on the manufacture of railroad cars but also on the luxury service provided to passengers by the 10,000-man work force who staffed the famous Pullman sleeping and dining cars. But management treated these African-American workers with both contempt and miserable wages.

A reminder of a terrible history

Philip Dray, co-author of We Are Not Afraid: The Story of Goodman, Shwerner, and Chaney and the Civil Rights Campaign for Mississippi, has brought to life the tortures and torments, hopes and aspirations of people of color, in his latest book.

Tel Aviv rally demands end to occupation

TEL AVIV – Over 15,000 Israelis marched here Feb. 16, from Rabin Square through the main streets to a rally in Museum Plaza, across the street from Israel’s Defense Ministry. The theme of the demonstration was “Get out of the Occupied Territories – Get back to ourselves!”

The Venezuelan revolution and Bush

The Bolivarian revolutionary process is on the march – in spite of its “defeaters” as President Hugo Chavez would say – but it is also surrounded by danger. For the entire article, click on the headline. For a statement of support for Venezuela from the Communist Party of Chile, click here.

3,000 years standing for peace and justice

ATHENS, Greece – A cold wind was blowing and dark clouds filled the sky the day I visited the Acropolis in December. There, in all her glory, stood the Parthenon, the temple to the goddess Athena.

Marlboro Man: into the sunset please

The case of Enron is one of the clearest examples of corporate abuse of power that has been dragged out into the daylight in recent memory. The unfolding scandal is creating a public outcry for checks and balances over corporate behavior. The fight to reform the campaign finance system has been given a new breath of life.

Black history and Marxist education

The relationship between Black history and Marxist education is quite profound. Marx elaborated quite extensively on the connection between the slave trade and slavery to the primitive accumulation of capital.

International Notes

WFTU criticizes Bush threats vs. Iran, Iraq and North Korea/Canadian university students demand tuition freeze/Greek troops in Balkans to get new medical tests/European Network for Peace and Human rights established/Opposition leader criticizes Nepal over rebel attack/South Korean women protest Bush statements

Redistricting plan released

NEW YORK – The Latino Voting Rights Committee of Metro New York released its Latino Legislative Redistricting Plan for the Assembly and State Senate for the City of New York Feb. 12.

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