Youth say: No to war, no to poverty draft

The movement against a war on Iraq is at an unprecedented moment: never before has stopping a U.S. war before it starts even seemed a possibility. I am painfully aware that tomorrow or the day after, the war could start, and this writing may be moot. But such a broad movement against the war has emerged, that the power to stop it before it starts does exist. If we succeed in stopping it, I believe we will accomplish more than keeping bullets from flying or bombs from dropping.

For a world without war, millions must imagine and act

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the crew on the space shuttle Columbia enjoyed listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Looking at our beautiful and fragile planet from space must evoke a deep feeling – a feeling that Imagine captures so poignantly – of the oneness of life and the overarching necessity of safeguarding world peace.

Heartless advice to vets: Get sick quick

“We support our troops!” Supporters of the possible war against Iraq, and of Resident Bush, criticize the rest of us as being against the troops. But slogans aren’t the real tests, actions are.