Youth say: No to war, no to poverty draft

The movement against a war on Iraq is at an unprecedented moment: never before has stopping a U.S. war before it starts even seemed a possibility. I am painfully aware that tomorrow or the day after, the war could start, and this writing may be moot. But such a broad movement against the war has emerged, that the power to stop it before it starts does exist. If we succeed in stopping it, I believe we will accomplish more than keeping bullets from flying or bombs from dropping.

United Farm Workers mobilize against war

LOS ANGELES – The United Farm Workers (UFW) of America AFL-CIO are calling on all of their supporters to contact President Bush and protest his “preemptive war on Iraq.”

Aroused, determined, mobilized: Americans say no war on Iraq

In the wake of Sept.11, 2001, and the rightward shift in the 2002 elections, few in the Bush inner circle could have predicted that in the bitter winter of 2003, from Miami to Anchorage, millions of Americans would march...

Will we abandon the next Gulf War vets too?

As the United States ramps up for invading Iraq, we should know that we are sending our troops into the most toxic battlefield on earth. And should those soldiers suffer the huge number of disabilities that Gulf War I vets do, they can expect their government, in the words of U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), to have “a tin ear, a cold heart, and a closed mind.”

Will history repeat itself? An interview with Ryo Kumasaka

Ryo Kumasaka was playing touch football in a nearby playground on December 7, 1941, when he heard Japanese planes had bombed Pearl Harbor.

New Yorkers fight war economy

NEW YORK – On the eve of the peace rally that is set to bring out hundreds of thousands against the war, people across this city are in the middle of a fight against what has been called a “war economy.”

For a world without war, millions must imagine and act

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the crew on the space shuttle Columbia enjoyed listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Looking at our beautiful and fragile planet from space must evoke a deep feeling – a feeling that Imagine captures so poignantly – of the oneness of life and the overarching necessity of safeguarding world peace.

Labor hits Bush war drive

CHICAGO – Beseiged on many fronts – layoffs, pension grabs, loss of medical benefits and even the very right to organize – but fighting back, workers and their unions are adding stopping the Bush administration’s disastrous war on Iraq to their urgent agenda.

Powell at UN caught in web of lies

NEW YORK – The Bush administration faced a widening credibility gap in its efforts to convince the world that a war to remove Saddam Hussein is imperative even if 100,000 Iraqis die in the Pentagon’s “Shock and Awe” war scenario.