100,000 march against the war

LOS ANGELES – Joining millions around the world on Feb. 15 over 100,000 marched and rallied here against President Bush’s war against Iraq.

War or health care?

Last year, President Bush’s chief economic adviser at the time, Lawrence B. Lindsey, estimated that it would cost $100 billion to $200 billion to wage war against Iraq. Lindsey was subsequently sacked by President Bush because Bush’s official line is that this will be a cheap war costing “only” $60 billion. Lindsey’s estimates were more realistic, much higher, and therefore totally unacceptable.

Americans act for peace

Despite meager resources and an administration-inspired campaign to challenge their patriotism, despite snow in the east, rain in the south and west and cold that rattled the fillings in one’s teeth, Americans in at least 150 cities in all 50 states summoned their creativity and democratic common sense to demonstrate their demand for no war with Iraq.

Millions march against war: At home

NEW YORK – Braving frigid cold, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators rallied near the United Nations, Feb. 15, to protest George W. Bush’s threatened war on Iraq and to support UN efforts to stop the war. The rally here was part of a coordinated one-day protest in 600 cities across the nation and around the world.

Millions march against war: Around world

An unprecedented wave of anti war demonstrations swept the globe on Feb. 15, as an estimated 11 million demonstrators poured into the streets, determined to block the Bush administration’s drive to war against Iraq. As in the U.S., initiators and participants came from a very broad array of unions, political parties, religious organizations, youth and women’s organizations, left and progressive organizations including communist and workers parties.

300,000 in San Francisco: Yes to inspections

SAN FRANCISCO – “Give inspections a chance to work” was the refrain heard from speakers and marchers as they poured into Civic Center Plaza here, Feb. 16, in the biggest demonstration in memory – 300,000 strong.

Focus now on Congress to stop war

The focus of the nationwide grassroots movement to stop a war on Iraq is now shifting to Congress. Key actions under way include a Feb. 26 Virtual March on Washington and a massive nationwide leafleting and postering project, aimed at pressing Congress to halt the Bush administration’s unilateral drive to war.

UN, European Union reject Bush war drive

February 14-17 was not a good weekend for United States as it received several swift kicks to the posterior portion of its political anatomy as leaders of the world community turned thumbs down on the U.S. drive to war with Iraq.

Senator Byrd: Reckless administration may reap disaster

On Feb. 12 Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.) chastised his colleagues for their failure to speak out against the threat of war that he called “the most horrible of human experiences.”