Truth and the cold warrior

Opinion I spent four years in the Navy (1957-61) and four in the Air Force (1961-65). I joined because I was outgrowing my foster home and wanted to travel.

Is it possible to end the occupation of Iraq?

Opinion It is in the interests of the peace and democratic forces of the U.S., of the vast majority of our people, that we join with the Iraqi people and the people of the world to compel the Bush administration to end all forms of occupation and control of Iraq now.

The struggle to end the occupation of Iraq

Opinion Progressive forces in Iraq, among which the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) plays a key role, suffered immense losses in dead and imprisoned under the right-wing Saddam Hussein dictatorship.

Not enough intelligence

Opinion For all of us who were addicted to watching the debates among the talking heads before the Iraq War started, the specter of David Kay looms.

After Lord Hutton whitewash: Tony Blair still faces trust dilemma

News Analysis LONDON – The last couple of weeks have been eventful ones in British politics. Last month, Prime Minister Tony Blair was faced with what was being touted as the “toughest week yet” of his leadership.

2005 budget feeds beast

News Analysis Military contractors Boeing and Northrop Grumman were the big winners in the $2.4 trillion budget presented to Congress Feb. 2 by George W. Bush. The proposed budget is a financial blueprint for disaster in Bush’s drive to keep the White House.