Truth and the cold warrior

Opinion I spent four years in the Navy (1957-61) and four in the Air Force (1961-65). I joined because I was outgrowing my foster home and wanted to travel.

Is it possible to end the occupation of Iraq?

Opinion It is in the interests of the peace and democratic forces of the U.S., of the vast majority of our people, that we join with the Iraqi people and the people of the world to compel the Bush administration to end all forms of occupation and control of Iraq now.

Iran undergoes silent coup detat

In the wake of the wholesale disqualification of 2,500 pro-reform candidates, the Feb. 20 parliamentary elections in Iran yielded predictable results: conservative forces gained the control of the Majlis, or national parliament.

World Court holds hearings on Israeli wall

Opening the oral hearings at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the legal consequences of the Israeli government’s separation wall, Palestinian UN representative Nasser Kidwa said that the wall will render a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict practically impossible.

UN steps up role as Iraqis push for power

United Nations election experts recently returned from Iraq told the UN Security Council this week a transfer of political power to an Iraqi government must happen by June 30, the previously agreed-upon deadline.

The struggle to end the occupation of Iraq

Opinion Progressive forces in Iraq, among which the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) plays a key role, suffered immense losses in dead and imprisoned under the right-wing Saddam Hussein dictatorship.

Momentum builds for March 20 peace rallies

NEW YORK – Preparations are well under way for another major display of antiwar sentiment here on March 20, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Soldiers dad: Aid needed for Baghdad hospital

SAN DIEGO – Fernando Suárez del Solar is a man with a mission. Meeting this determined and compassionate father at a local social justice center here (a pink house on a working-class street corner) evokes a lot of thoughts and emotions. He is resolute in his quest to save children’s lives.

New challenges to Israels apartheid wall

More than 3,000 Israelis and Palestinians participated in the largest demonstration yet against the Israeli “separation wall” on Feb. 7.

Châvez to U.S.: Stop meddling

CARACAS – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has again called on the U.S. government to stop meddling in the country’s affairs, after revealing declassified U.S. documents proving that Washington is financing groups seeking to oust him.

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