Dont kiss health care goodbye

Grocery worker supporters geared up to mark Valentine’s Day week with the distribution of 20,000 “Don’t Kiss Healthcare Goodbye” leaflets in Washington, D.C., Metro stations.

8 killed in Dominican general strike

Eight people were killed during a general strike that shook the Dominican Republic for 48 hours on Jan. 28-29.

Iraqi workers still denied basic rights

PHILADELPHIA – While Iraqi workers currently face daunting conditions such as spiraling inflation and 70 percent unemployment, they are refusing to let restrictive, anti-labor laws stop their organizing work.

Industrial unions say Beat Bush!

WASHINGTON – You know you’re at a great conference when, before the first speaker can finish even one paragraph, 3,000 screaming workers jump to their feet, whooping and hollering to beat George Bush.

Michigan voters focus on job losses

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Disappearing jobs. That is the issue that primarily motivated nearly 150,000 Michigan voters to participate in the Democratic presidential caucus.

Fred Gaboury, dean of labor writers, 78

Fred Gaboury, a logger from the Pacific Northwest, had Paul Bunyan-sized hands so big he couldn’t make his fingers hit the right typewriter keys. Yet in 30 years as a peerless labor writer, he interviewed hundreds of workers – first as editor of Labor Today and then as a writer for People’s Weekly World. His stories from the front lines of the class struggle prompted many to call him the “Dean of American Labor Journalists.”