Cuba condemns U.S. torture of Gitmo prisoners

Cuba News Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered a note to U.S. authorities Jan. 19 denouncing the violations of human rights in the treatment of prisoners held at Guantanamo Naval Base. The Cuban government was acting on information provided by FBI agents based at Guantanamo and the International Red Cross. The notes called for an immediate end to “torture and inhuman conduct.”

North Korea blames U.S. threat for nukes

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) declared Feb. 10 that it has built an arsenal of nuclear weapons. It also announced its intention to pull out of the six-party talks aimed at denuclearization of the peninsula, but left open the possibility for a return.

California town hall meetings

Town hall meetings on Social Security will place throughout California in March and April. RSVP to reserve a seat and lunch. For more information, phone California Alliance of Retired Americans at (760) 554-2356 (south) or (415) 550-0828 (north).

REAL ID Act is a real threat

NewsAnalysis The REAL ID Act, HR 418, is not only a threat to undocumented immigrants and refugees, but also to the U.S. Constitution. Introduced Jan. 26 and rammed through the House of Representatives last week, the bill will now quickly go to the Senate.

Schwarzenegger STRS up a hornets nest

Four big squares marked “vacant” sat alongside photos of remaining board members on the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) web site this week. It seems the squares’ former occupants (two Republicans and two Democrats) had the nerve to vote against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposal to privatize pensions of all new state workers, including teachers, into a 401(k)-type system starting in 2007, and his proposal to shift onto local school districts the state’s contribution to the pension system.

Hip Hop community joins protest of radio racism

NEW YORK — Protesters were on the street outside the office of Hot 97 here Feb. 14, the second day back on the job for suspended morning show deejays.

Only a mass movement can end lraq occupation

While an Islamic Shiite coalition won a slim majority in the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq, the results indicate that no single group can control the country’s political process.

Valentines Day picket line: No sweetheart deals

CHICAGO — A new campaign to build opposition in Illinois to President Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme kicked off here Feb. 14 with a picket line at the Charles Schwab Corp.

Keystone State rallies for mass transit

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gray skies and cold driving rain didn’t keep more than 2,000 Pennsylvanians from rallying for permanent mass transit funding in front of the state Capitol here Feb. 14. Demonstrators from all parts of the state came by bus, train and car, carrying signs that read “Fund transit now” and “No fare hikes.”

Tyner to speak on fight for equality

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA and a founder of the Black Radical Congress, will keynote the People’s Weekly World 31st Annual African American History Month celebration in Connecticut on Feb. 27.

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