Angry veterans forming new group

CLEVELAND — Veterans in Ohio are fighting for a new Patriot Act. The difference is that this one is actually patriotic. The vets are lobbying the Republican-dominated Legislature to pass a bill that will block evictions, foreclosures and discharges from their jobs when soldiers are called into service.

Scrap the cap

Several readers have asked, “How much money could we raise if we get rid of the cap on payroll taxes, and make the rich pay their fair share? Would it be enough to save Social Security?”

Hands off our lunch!

SAN FRANCISCO — “Governor Schwarzenegger, I’d like you to put yourself in my shoes and work eight hours a day in the rain, with mud up to your knees, without a break,” said Salinas Valley farmworker Liliana Sanchez.


Europe: Call for withdrawing U.S. nukes / Haiti: Emergency forum warns on press freedom / Canada: Wal-Mart to close union store / Guatemala: Trial halted in massacre case / Nigeria: Union warns vs. attacks on workers

Argentinas unemployed continue their struggle

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The cries from the street, “Piqueteros Unidos!” could be heard all over town. On Dec. 20, over 50,000 “piqueteros” (picketers), unemployed workers known for organizing highly effective roadblock protests, filled the streets of the nation’s capital. They were marching on the third anniversary of a popular uprising that forced the resignation of four presidents in a span of two weeks.

Cuba condemns U.S. torture of Gitmo prisoners

Cuba News Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered a note to U.S. authorities Jan. 19 denouncing the violations of human rights in the treatment of prisoners held at Guantanamo Naval Base. The Cuban government was acting on information provided by FBI agents based at Guantanamo and the International Red Cross. The notes called for an immediate end to “torture and inhuman conduct.”

North Korea blames U.S. threat for nukes

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) declared Feb. 10 that it has built an arsenal of nuclear weapons. It also announced its intention to pull out of the six-party talks aimed at denuclearization of the peninsula, but left open the possibility for a return.

California town hall meetings

Town hall meetings on Social Security will place throughout California in March and April. RSVP to reserve a seat and lunch. For more information, phone California Alliance of Retired Americans at (760) 554-2356 (south) or (415) 550-0828 (north).

REAL ID Act is a real threat

NewsAnalysis The REAL ID Act, HR 418, is not only a threat to undocumented immigrants and refugees, but also to the U.S. Constitution. Introduced Jan. 26 and rammed through the House of Representatives last week, the bill will now quickly go to the Senate.

Schwarzenegger STRS up a hornets nest

Four big squares marked “vacant” sat alongside photos of remaining board members on the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) web site this week. It seems the squares’ former occupants (two Republicans and two Democrats) had the nerve to vote against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposal to privatize pensions of all new state workers, including teachers, into a 401(k)-type system starting in 2007, and his proposal to shift onto local school districts the state’s contribution to the pension system.

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