Qu le pas a Juan Torres?

El soldado del Ejército Juan Torres tenía toda su vida por adelante. Con 25 años de edad, Torres (conocido como John a su familia y amistades) se graduó en contabilidad de la Universidad de Houston y un buen trabajo cuando regresara a Houston. Tenía ahorros en el banco y estaba planeando su boda con Elizabeth Wise.

Singin the blues: Black artists deserve their due

In 1964 the Beatles took America by storm on the basis of some catchy original songs and a scattering of ’50s rock and roll retreads like “Matchbox.”

The NED: advance guard for corporate globalism

OPINIONS The National Endowment for Democracy has little to do with promoting fair elections, representative government, or any of the ideals and institutions one would normally associate with democracy.

Tort reform means victims cant sue

OPINIONS Corporate lobbyists have invented another new “crisis.” It’s called “lawsuit abuse,” a big money effort to call attention to the “frivolous lawsuit crisis.”

Stop CAFTA, the latest corporate-led trade deal

OPINIONS The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) involves the United States along with six other countries and is the latest corporate-led trade deal promoted by the U.S. government. Congress is expected to vote on CAFTA this spring.

Regaining my humanity

OPINIONS I was deployed to Iraq in April 2003 and returned home for a two-week leave in October. Going home gave me the opportunity to put my thoughts in order and to listen to what my conscience had to say.


Glad-handing is not enough / The Simpsons animate debate

Battle over tsunami relief: Indian women challenge systemic inequality

TAMIL NADU, India — “The sea was like boiling milk. But after the first wave, it was like boiling milk with rice in it, from the sediment the sea churned up,” said the man from the fishing community of Nalla Thanni Odai in North Chennai, India.

Free or low cost tax filing for union members

WASHINGTON (PAI) — Tax filing for union members is free if your adjusted gross income is under $28,500 with the new Union Plus online tax service. For other union members, the service costs $21.95 — half the cost of Quicken’s Turbo-Tax computer program or of (nonunion) H&R Block.

Bush shows arrogance, deceit on Blacks and Social Security

Desperate to turn Social Security into an entitlement program for corporations, President Bush and his right-wing cronies have been making ever more wild and bizarre statements in the face of massive opposition. Bush recently stated that “African American males die sooner than other males do, which means the system is inherently unfair.” This jumble of logic was supposed to convert millions of African Americans into supporters of social security for financial corporations.

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