Einstein in the hood. BOOK REVIEW: Einstein on Race and Racism.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a Communist sympathizer (Commsymp, in FBI parlance). They also called him a radical, a subversive and what would be called today, a liberal. This according to the dossier kept on his speeches, writings and activities, by J Edgar Hoover.

Bushs phony moralism. BOOK REVIEW: With God On Their Side.

Today Americans are faced with probably the greatest threat to the separation of religion and government in our nation’s history. This is a result of the political power grab by the Christian right in alliance with the Republican Party and the administration of George W. Bush. Esther Kaplan in her book “With God On Their Side” focuses on the “impact the Christian right, as a dogma-driven political movement, has had in dictating American policy.”



In yet another serious episode in the current national outbreak of bedbugs, Congress today approved renewal of TUBA (the Terrorists Under the Bed Act), legally mandating warrantless electronic monitors, or “bugs,” in “every bed, cot, bunk, mattress, futon or foldaway” throughout the nation.

Turning point at the Black Radical Congress

What has always made the Black Radical Congress (BRC) mystique is its perceived ability to mobilize various perspectives of marginalized Black voices around topics plaguing the broader movement. This unique characteristic can even unite disjointed political tendencies, providing a more cohesive contribution to broader movement discussions. Such was the significance of the original Principles of Unity and the Freedom Agenda consolidated after its opening Chicago congress in 1998.

Fighting racism is at the heart of our struggles

For the past six years, millions of Americans have been battling the Bush administration and its policies of pre-emptive war, economic austerity, usurpation of democratic rights and racism.

End the death penalty now!

Any doubts that even “humane” executions by lethal injection are still cruel and unusual punishment should be dispelled once and for all by the conflict in California over executing Michael Morales.

MovieREVIEW: Three noteworthy films

When laughing hurts Wanted: justice Brutal knockout

MovieREVIEW: Munich a Powerful moral thriller

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” takes a shocking, emotionally fraught historical event — the 1972 kidnapping and killing of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team by the shadowy Palestinian “Black September” group in Munich, Germany — as the basis for a powerful moral thriller.


Free the Cuban Five

The U.S. government is still holding five Cuban nationals in jail for the “crime” of fighting terrorism.

Not just a hunting accident

Millions across the nation are shaking their heads over how Dick Cheney handled his shooting of his 78-year-old hunting partner Harry Whittington on Feb. 11.

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