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Katrina and voting rights

New Orleans boosters are throwing Mardi Gras celebrations that end on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 28. But there is plenty the people of the “Big Easy” are not celebrating, starting with the criminal negligence of the Bush-Cheney administration before and after the levees broke and flooded their homes last summer. They are still waiting for anything close to an adequate response to the humanitarian crisis that has cut New Orleans’ population by half, the rest scattered in a vast diaspora across the country.

Tax breaks for the wealthy

On Jan. 1 Congress allowed two tax breaks that benefit the wealthy to become effective. The cuts eliminated current provisions of the tax code that limit the amount of personal exemptions and itemized deductions that Americans with high incomes can take. Over the course of the next five years the tax cuts will cost approximately $27 billion, according to a study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


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No raise for Californias poorest

STOCKTON, Calif. — Prize-winning poet and author Sotere Torregian, author of 14 books of poetry, has been disabled and unable to earn a living since 1989. His only income is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — $812 a month in 2005 — and the occasional honorarium from giving a university lecture once or twice a year.

New Yorkers battle for school funding

NEW YORK — “My kids’ school has no gym and no playground,” said a mother who sends two of her children to P.S. 51 in the Bronx. “Last year we had to add a new class, which meant we had to move the library to make space for a classroom. Next year we have to add another class.”


Fallen soldiers families push plan to end war

CLEVELAND — Parents of a Marine killed in Iraq are building support for a plan to end the war through a negotiated political settlement with a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops. The plan is predicated on a measured reduction in violence by all involved.


Honoring Susan Wheeler. Raising money for the paper she loved

PORTLAND, Ore. — A capacity crowd in the Friends Meeting House here celebrated the life of Susan Elizabeth Wheeler Feb. 11 with songs, laughter, tears and heartfelt memories of her contributions to the people’s movements.


Wave of voter outrage could swamp Republicans

Tim Burga of the Ohio AFL-CIO says “there’s a real mood for change” in his state. Noting the impact of deaths of Ohio soldiers in Iraq, the loss of manufacturing jobs and national and local corruption scandals, Burga says Ohioans are “really frustrated” with the Bush administration and Republicans. “People feel they just don’t shoot straight — no pun intended.”


UnionFacts from corporate hacks?

Little Red Riding Hood knew to stay clear of the Big Bad Wolf. To get close enough to gobble her up, the wolf had to dress up in Red’s grandmother’s clothes.

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