Texas mayor grapples with racism

HOUSTON — The mayor of Brazoria, a tiny town on the Gulf Coast of Texas, tried to lead the way for the nation in prohibiting the use of the “n-word,” the racist slur directed at African Americans.


Sudan doc rocks reel to real world

In a world with a lot of confusion, the film “God Grew Tired of Us” helps bring our dispirited lives into focus.


A compelling auto industry whodunit: Who Killed the Electric Car?

Mounting air pollution and global warming should have spurred a resurgence of electric-powered vehicles but that hasn’t been the case. Chris Paine’s fascinating documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” narrated by actor Martin Sheen shows how big business and the Bush administration have undermined the re-emergence of the electric car


In Darwins shadow, a socialist pioneer of evolution

The man was writhing in the grips of Malaria. A torrent of tropical rain beat on the roof of his Indonesian hut. In the calm interludes between the sweats and chills, he wrote about ideas — big ones. It was 1856, and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace was writing about how species evolve.



Single-payer would save lives

At Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, a 60-year-old woman has been hospitalized for weeks suffering from heart failure. The woman should not have been in the hospital in the first place, but she is because with no insurance, she didn’t have money to buy enough medicine to prevent or slow the heart disease.

Brainstorming on Kentucky River decision

WASHINGTON — Starting what promises to be a complex, tough campaign of education, mass mobilizing and lobbying, a group of unionists met Feb. 7 to brainstorm on how to combat and overturn the National Labor Relations Board’s “workers are supervisors” decision.


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China: President Hu Jintao visits Africa Egypt: Gov’t jails student for blog Palestine: Union leaders face deadly attacks Czech Republic: No free ride for U.S. bases Bolivia: Women prepare for local politics

Anti-NATO protests rock Spanish city

Antiwar demonstrators filled the streets of Seville, Spain, last weekend to protest plans by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to escalate the number of its troops in Afghanistan and Kosovo, the former province of Yugoslavia.

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