In Iraq forever?

The online activism group MoveOn.org has launched an “Iraq/Recession” campaign, aiming to “make sure that politicians and pundits understand what voters already know: As long as we keep pouring that money down the drain in Iraq, we won’t have the money we need to solve our economic woes.”

Bring the mercenaries home, too

To a woman and man, both Democratic presidential candidates pledge to bring our troops home. It is a question of when, not if. That’s cautious good news for the families of 160,000 U.S. military personnel in Iraq. But when are the estimated 130,000 military contractors leaving? That is nearly a one-to-one ratio of uniformed soldiers, sailors, pilots and Marines to non-uniformed mercenaries. Even if every private is pulled out of Iraq tomorrow, the U.S. would still have an army of rent-a-thugs on the ground.

From Gaza: Israelis, Palestinians rally for peace

In an emotional rally at the Gaza border Jan. 26, undaunted by rain, some 2,000 Israelis brought humanitarian aid and demonstrated for peace and an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Sparks fly on endless Iraq stay

A battle is shaping up in Congress over the Bush administration’s move to entrench long-term U.S. military occupation in Iraq.