Nationalize that! Why should Alice and Mike give a damn about failing banks?

Alice is 31 years old. She and her husband Mike both have jobs but are worried about losing them given the economic decline. They would like to buy a house but are afraid to now, and they want to start a family but worry about how they’ll manage if one of them loses their job. Why should Alice, Mike and the rest of us give a damn about failing banks? Does it really affect ordinary working families?

Single-payer and the battle for health care

As the curtains close on an era of reactionary rule by the most right-wing elements of the capitalist ruling class, we progressives must assess what must be done in order to promote an agenda friendly to working people in this country. A chief and undisputable crisis facing everyone is the crumbling health care system.

People before Profits: Peasants, rural workers wait in the wings

Discontent of the rural poor in the global south and the hunger of almost a billion humans fill the tinder box of revolution. Great corporations control both land and agricultural production. Dispossession and desperation follow; so do profits.