Size and history matter

The anti-war movement in the U.S., revitalized by the threats and bluster of George W. Bush, is already developing at a much faster pace than did the anti-Vietnam War movement.

Say no to the poverty draft

Opinion Last week, a friend who was recruited on his high school campus was sent off to the Persian Gulf region leaving behind his wife and newborn daughter. When he joined the army reserves he never figured he’d be going off to war and, with no other way to pay for college, signed up as a way to fund his education.

Reflections on war and peace New Years Day 2003

Opinion As World War II was approaching in the years before 1941, I recall heavy debates at our kitchen table as a neighbor and my dad tossed down boilermakers (shots of whisky and beer chasers), often sitting in their undershirts, sweating profusely, on warm summer nights. The neighbor usually groused about Roosevelt “leading us to war.”