World Social Forum: Where the hopes of the world are gathered

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – 100,000 representatives of the world’s peoples came together in the World Social Forum here to say in one thunderous voice: No to war, no to global capitalist military and economic domination! Another world is possible!

Iraqi communists call for peaceful solution

Iraqi communists have faced grave difficulties opposing a U.S. war against Iraq, while at the same time fighting for democratic alternatives to a repressive government headed by Pres. Saddam Hussein.

Voices in the Wilderness vows to stand with Iraqis

WASHINGTON – Voices in the Wilderness (VITW), which has delivered medicine, toys and other humanitarian relief to the Iraqi people in defiance of U.S. sanctions imposed in 1991, announced Jan. 21 that they will not pay $50,000 in fines imposed by the Treasury Department and will stand beside Iraqis against a U.S. war.

Anti-war demos span the globe

Millions protested in hundreds of cities, in at least 37 countries around the globe Jan. 18-19 weekend, denouncing the Bush administration’s threat to attack Iraq. Some highlights: