36 cities tell Bush: Give peace a chance

Warning that war with Iraq will cost thousands of Iraqi and U.S. lives and waste billions of tax dollars needed for education and health care, the city council of Gary, Ind., unanimously approved a resolution Jan.7 opposing war on the oil-rich nation.

Labor anti-war group launched

CHICAGO – U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) was founded Jan. 12 at a meeting repeatedly described as “historic” by the participants. The 100 delegates were representatives of local unions, central labor councils and labor peace groupings, as well as individual labor leaders from across the country.

Peace rally rocks church

CLEVELAND – “No war for oil,” thundered the Rev. Marvin McMickle at Antioch Baptist Church, Jan. 12, before a crowd of more than 600.

20,000 protest war in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – Twenty thousand people of every race and nationality filled the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 11 in what many are calling the largest city protest against the war in Iraq in our nation so far.

Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. and the struggle for peace

Exactly one year before his death, on April 4, 1967, Dr. King spoke out against the war in Vietnam at Riverside Church in New York City. Though this speech is not the first time his views against the war were expressed, King scholars indicate it is the first time he linked the struggle against war abroad with the struggle for equality at home.

Phila. labor against war

PHILADELPHIA – At its Jan. 8 meeting the Philadelphia AFL-CIO Central Labor Council passed a resolution against the war in Iraq. The Phila. Labor Council wanted to go on record as strongly opposing the Bush administration’s march toward war with Iraq and urging the administration to abide by and work through the United Nations Security Council resolution.