Anti-war demos span the globe

Millions protested in hundreds of cities, in at least 37 countries around the globe Jan. 18-19 weekend, denouncing the Bush administration’s threat to attack Iraq. Some highlights:

Size and history matter

The anti-war movement in the U.S., revitalized by the threats and bluster of George W. Bush, is already developing at a much faster pace than did the anti-Vietnam War movement.

Protests slow down Bush rush to war

WASHINGTON – George W. Bush’s rush toward war on Iraq ran into a human wall Jan. 18 as anti-war protesters packed the streets of Washington, San Francisco, Tucson, Portland, Oregon, Toronto, Canada and 20 other cities chanting “Peace now!” and “No blood for oil!”

Jersey City Council to pass resolution against war on Iraq

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – On Jan. 16, about 40 people gathered in front of City Hall here to participate in a press conference called by Hudson County Coalition for Peace and Justice to present a resolution against the war on Iraq.

Chicago passes peace resolution

CHICAGO – On Jan. 16, this city of three million people declared itself for peace when the City Council voted 46-1 opposing a pre-emptive U.S. military attack on Iraq.