AFL-CIO tells Bush and Congress: Get real on the economy

The AFL-CIO charged in a Jan. 27 report that, despite President Bush’s rosy claims, the economy is in worse shape than it was two years ago when measured by all the key indicators important to working families.

Guilty coal operator takes no action

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. – This is the second bitter winter for 13 families in Brookwood, Ala. They are awaiting a full accounting of the worst coal mining disaster in 17 years and the “official” report from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) released in December did not to relieve their pain nor bring justice to this tight-knit community of 1,483.

Martin Luther King, Jr. day in Jackson, Miss.

JACKSON, Miss. – The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day march here received an infusion of energy when more than 100 participants from the AFL-CIO Martin Luther King Holiday Conference joined the parade. Linda Chavez-Thompson, AFL-CIO executive vice president, served as one of the parade’s grand marshals.

AFL-CIO King holiday observance: Rep. challenges Lott to stand for affirmative action

JACKSON, Miss. – Gathered here for the AFL-CIO’s Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Observance, over 200 union leaders and members heard Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson condemn George Bush’s most recent attack on affirmative action.

Wal-Mart the nations worst workplace bully

With $7 billion in profits squeezed from the labor of one million workers at 3,250 stores across the country last year, Wal-Mart deserves its reputation as the nation’s worst “workplace bully.”

AFL-CIO joins fight for economic stimulus

The AFL-CIO jumped into the battle for a meaningful stimulus program on Jan. 6 when it issued its “Agenda to Create Jobs and Lift the Economy.”

The Grinch who stole the dial tone

CHICAGO – The Grinch who stole Christmas may be making off with your dial tone, according to telephone workers protesting layoffs at a lively demonstration here, Dec. 15. Santa Claus, backed up by 1,000 phone technicians, installers, service reps and their families, confronted the Grinch (aka SBC Ameritech) in front of corporate headquarters.

A New Years message from the World Federationof Trade Unions

As a New Year dawns the World Federation of Trade Unions conveys Its good wishes and solidarity greetings to working people the world over, their trade unions and all the men, women and children of our planet who aspire for a better life in peace, friendship and international cooperation for social progress.