Poster exhibit, cash gift, boost Meyers Collection

The year 2005 was good for the George A. Meyers Collection at Frostburg State University (FSU) library, boosted by a generous cash gift and capped by a dramatic poster exhibition last October that drew a sizeable crowd of admirers.

Spirit of St. Louis boosts phonathon

There’s something highly infectious about the “can-do,” positive spirit of People’s Weekly World supporters in St. Louis. You can’t help but feel it when you’re around them, and it puts a little extra lift in your walk for several days afterward.

A better world is necessary! World Social Forum opens in Venezuela, peace mom Sheehan draws cheers

Under the slogan “A better world is necessary, with you it’s possible!” tens of thousands of Venezuelans joined activists from 160 countries to take part in a giant “March against war and imperialism” here Jan. 24. The march opened the sixth World Social Forum, which is being held in the Venezuelan capital through Jan. 29.

DeLay lashes out as support plummets

HOUSTON — Support for Tom DeLay (R-Texas) is dwindling in his home district even as the former Speaker of the House threatens to “sue any station” that runs advertisements linking him to corruption. A new poll conducted for the Houston Chronicle indicated that only half those who voted for him in ’04 would do so again today. Sixty percent gave him an overall unfavorable rating while only 28 percent gave him a favorable rating.

Calif. govs new leaf budget

Still trying to reinvent himself as a moderate, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a proposed $125.6 billion state budget Jan. 10 with more funds for transportation and education but with significant cuts for welfare recipients.

Mentally ill lose out

Disabled suffer irreparable harm after losing access to vital medications under new privatized prescription drug plan I work in the field of mental health, and have managed or worked at group homes for people with psychiatric disabilities for several years. Most of my clients are able to live stable lives, outside of mental hospitals and in the community, largely due to the development of many new anti-psychotic medications that manage the symptoms of mental illness (i.e. hearing voices or hallucinations).

The housing bubble

The “Wal-Mart, low-wage, limited-benefit” stage of the U.S. economy is built on a foundation of unsustainable increases in debt: household debt, corporate debt, and government debt.

Venezuela lends a hand in Maine

“This is not about politics. This is about improving the lives of poor people. This is about people helping people.”

Wheelchaired activists demand access rights

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Street theater drew the attention of passers-by to a demonstration Jan. 13 by 45 wheelchaired people and their supporters protesting the launching of an initiative that would deny access rights to Californians with disabilities.

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