Frances homeless step up their struggle

PARIS — The new year in France has opened with bold and coordinated protests by the nation’s homeless. The protests are taking place against the backdrop of two years of intensified struggle by the country’s working people against big capital’s efforts to drive down their living standards.

Bush maneuvers on wiretaps

The Bush administration, in a letter last week from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Congress, seemed to back away from its assertion that it has the right to spy on phone conversations of anybody in the U.S. without a warrant if the conversation is with someone in a foreign country.

The State of the Union changing direction: Imperial presidency under fire

The concerns of most Americans who find it harder and harder to make ends meet, and who want to bring our troops home from Iraq, were ignored by George W. Bush in his State of the Union address, as if the 2006 elections to change the country’s direction had never happened.


Groups oppose Bushs anti-immigrant drive

Now that the Democratic majority 110th Congress is seated, the immigrant rights movement has an opportunity to move forward on several fronts.

Venezuelans contemplate unitary party of the left

After a resounding re-election victory on Dec. 3, in which leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias defeated his right-wing opponent by 63 percent to 37 percent, Chavez has called for the consolidation of all political forces on the left into a “unitary party” to work for a transition to socialism.